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Comprehensive live parking information for 500 cities across 15 countries. Ready to be used for navigation, mobile apps and voice assistants.

Help your users find parking 3x faster!

Bliq provides live parking assistance based on data from millions of connected vehicles. Highly customizable and easy-to-integrate. Available in 500 cities across 15 countries & counting.

Available Services

The curbside is crowded. Navigate the chaos with parking and stopping rules, predicted and live availability.

Millions of managed parking facilities with opening hours, prices, predicted and live availability.

Parking Assistant automatically selects the best available parking options and optimizes last mile navigation.



No searching. No stress. Save time with AI-powered parking suggestions.

Product Managers

Make your service awesome. Solve on-street parking for your users in record time.


Focus on the core of your product and let Bliq do the heavy lifting regarding parking.

Build unique experiences

Customize live parking maps for your product experience. Free SDKs for all platforms.

var request = require('es6-request') var reqBody = { mapLayers: ["PREDICTION"], requestType: { dataType: "TileRequest", value: { x: 35208, y: 21494, zoom: 16 } } }'') .header('apikey','YOUR_APIKEY') .sendJSON(reqBody) .then(([body, res]) => { console.log(JSON.parse(body)); });

Open APIs

Build unique experiences for your mobility product. We provide open interfaces and free SDKs for many platforms. Getting started is easy and takes just a few lines of code.

Write code that matters

Focus on the core of your service and let Bliq handle the rest.
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