Bliq announces Bliq Rides as a new option for Drivers and Passengers
Product Updates

Extending our value proposition “Find more passengers, earn more money”, we are excited to launch a new business unit, tasked with creating new earnings opportunities for drivers, called “Bliq Rides”.

Both passengers and drivers need more diversity, more choices rather than 1-2 platforms competing in their markets.
Legislation is progressing in the correct direction in many places around the world, protecting workers and encouraging competition for the benefit of passengers → EU lawmakers agree on a bill on gig workers' rights.

Drivers and passengers need practical, immediate ways to encourage competition.
And existing platforms need a quick, affordable way to ensure compliance with the upcoming legislation.
We are in a unique position to facilitate this initiative and incredibly excited to announce our newest service: Bliq Rides.

> Bliq Rides give passengers one more choice for their rides
> Bliq Rides offer drivers one more option for their work to choose from
> Everything happens in our current apps with the same objective, unbiased approach that tens of thousands of passengers and drivers have been enjoying for 3 years.
> It will always be up to the passengers and drivers to compare and make educated decisions based on their needs. Bliq Rides won’t always be the most affordable or the quickest option and that’s fine by us.

That’s how fair, healthy, sustainable competition works: everyone chooses what’s right for them

Our guarantees:

> The new business unit will be home to many activities which may range from mutual API integrations with other mobility platforms to hotel partnerships to facilitate guest travel or products for business clients.
> The new business unit will be operated independently from the driver app, meaning a strict complete separation of technical of systems (“Chinese Wall”) to exclude any risk of data spill-over from day one and by design.
> Any earnings opportunities for drivers generated by the new business will be treated as before and in an entirely unbiased way: Maximum earnings transparency for drivers and no preferential treatment of any offering.

Apps like Uber, Bolt and FreeNow already have multi-modal approaches to urban transportation: you can get a taxi, a ride, a scooter, bike, shared car in the same app.
Our recent partnership with Solu shows the benefits of partnerships and we look forward to many more similar collaborations very soon. This is how we inspire and support other mobility startups to become more active and ambitious.

We encourage all platforms to offer more transparency via integration options and collaborate to the greater good of passengers, drivers and cities.

The next big step is multi-platform mobility for educated and sustainable decisions.
It starts today. with Bliq.

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