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The No.1 assistant for drivers of Uber, FreeNow or Taxi.

Find more passengers. Earn more money. Use the AI dashcam to drive safer.

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Know what’s going on around you and get more passengers. Make more rides. Drive safer with the integrated AI dashcam.

Fleet Managers

Easily deploy AI dashcams for your fleet. No additional hardware needed.

Save on insurance premiums, process damage claims faster, increase driver safety. 


Passenger Hotspots

Always know what’s going on around you. 

  • Uber Surge - Active multiplier on paid fares!
  • Taxi passenger hotspots
  • Public events
  • Arrivals at the train station
  • Arrivals at the airport with number of passengers

AI Dashcam

Have video proof in case of accidents. Records temporary street videos while you use Uber Driver, FreeNow Driver or your Taxi app in the foreground.

Automatically detects dangerous situations using AI and saves important video snippets in the cloud.

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Frequently asked questions

The system analyzes traffic information from millions of connected vehicles to model human movement in cities. This is how local rideshare and taxi demand is identified.

Bliq Ride is currently available in Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Hamburg and Frankfurt. We’ll enable further cities soon!

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