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Bliq is the one-and-only app you need to book a ride
We show you the offers from all your favourite apps, so that you can choose the cheapest and the fastest ride.
Bliq - Compare & save on rideshare trips | Product Hunt
Bliq - Compare & save on rideshare trips | Product Hunt

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Bliq rides are now available!
We want to make sure you arrive on time for a fair price, wherever you're headed! Now you can order a ride from Bliq directly in our app, and the driver will pick you up in a few moments!
Save Money
Compare prices across all your apps
Connect your platforms to get customized deals, discounts, vouchers, and more
Save Time
Quickly spot the fastest options when you’re in a hurry
Minimize cancellation risk by ordering a Bliq ride
Feel Comfort
With more app options, you have a higher chance of getting a car nearby
The closer the car, the faster your pickup, and the lower the carbon emissions
You can find Bliq rides in:
We’re only just beginning to scratch the surface of the market we’ll address as we grow
working since January 2024
Bliq is revolutionising the way you travel around the city
It’s transparent and easy to use. Just type in your destination and see all the options.