Bliq opens its Driver and Passenger Apps for direct integration with Mobility Platforms
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After helping more than 90.000 drivers manage over 53 million rides in 54 countries, we have a good understanding of the challenges faced by mobility startups.
We're committed to supporting new companies by facilitating access to our Bliq Apps and enhancing local competition for the benefit of drivers and passengers.

Mobility has gone through a decade of consolidation and now there are only a handful of competing brands.
> Europe: FreeNow acquired Hailo, Chauffeur Prive, Taxi Beat and Clever Taxi
> Latin America: Didi bought 99
> UK: Uber acquired Autocab (taxi)
> MENA: Uber bought Careem
> and a similar trend is sweeping delivery companies at the moment, globally

New mobility platforms generally have a challenging time launching and scaling.
It’s expensive, unsustainable. Some examples:
> “Uber burned through nearly $30 billion in operating losses between 2016 and summer 2023”
> “FreeNow is offering taxi drivers €1.5m in bonuses to work during peak times”

You need inspired strategy, excellent execution and deep pockets to compete in ridehailing.

Here’s where Bliq comes in. Our revolutionary multi-apping platforms offer benefits specifically-tailored to mobility startups, whether you need help building awareness among:
> drivers (including compliance with upcoming EU legislation on gig workers’ rights)
> passengers
> both

Benefits when looking for drivers:
1) Acquisition -> sign-up directly from the Bliq driver app
2) Loyalty → your branding elements will act as constant reminders
3) Reliability → drivers are available for your rides, without needing another device
4) Maintenance → Bliq can fulfil the role of your own driver app via API

Here's how to access more passengers:
1) Awareness → accurate and efficient marketing directly to passengers using Bliq
2) Engagement → reinvest your budget in discounts instead of generic installs
3) Branding → be featured next to Uber, Bolt, FreeNow, Lyft and others
4) Sustainability → focus on the quality of your service and grow efficiently

> Every Bliq driver multi-apps by definition, because they are using the Bliq driver app to work on multiple platforms at the same time.
> This helps ensure your compliance with future legislation, maintaining the drivers’ independent worker status.

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